Journey from brokenness to wholeness

The Enemy In You

When the enemy penetrates the borders of your heart
through the entry gate of your calamity and brokenness, it becomes destructive and dangerous. It is the poison and ill effects of what bit you that lie deep within, undermining the pillars of your purpose. The Judas goat has secretly infected you, moving freely within, slyly whispering, and rustling through the alleys of your emotions. It is the enemy in you that will prove to be your fiercest adversary.


“Facing our own brokenness, honestly confronting the wounded child within us, can be utterly excruciating. Johnny Honaker threaded his way through the pain to confront his own inner hurt, and there he found the healing grace that set him free. Here is Honaker’s bottom line, and it’s a bottom line of great hope: there is no wound so deep, so destructive that it cannot be healed.

 -Mark Rutland, Ph.D. Author of Relaunch, 21 Seconds to Change Your World, and fifteen others

“Within the pages of this book, Pastor Johnny Honaker unveils a hidden internal enemy—brokenness. It shadows and robs us of our peace, our self-esteem, and our worth. Pastor Johnny will teach you how to address your enemy. You will not walk away with empty hands; you will receive wholeness and God’s gift of hope will swell within.” 

-Pastor Wilfredo “Choco” De Jesús Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World,” 2013 Author of Amazing Faith, In the Gap, and Stay the Course

“Johnny Honaker is a merchant of hope. He gives hope to everyone he meets. His new book is filled with hope for restoration, recovery, and re-starting. I think you will feel as though Pastor Johnny is talking straight to your heart as he did to mine. The enemy within you will be replaced with a wheelbarrow full of hope.”

-Dr. Steve Greene Charisma Media Publisher and Executive Vice President—Media Group

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Author and speaker Johnny Honaker, along with his wife, CC (Cecilia), pastors a growing multicultural church in the greater Tampa Bay area. Johnny is anointed to bring a message of hope and restoration to the broken and wounded of the nations. His love and passion for people allow him to see beyond the hurt and brokenness of shattered lives to the potential and greatness in them. He is a voice of hope in the midst of what has the appearance of a hopeless situation in the lives of men and women. Johnny and CC reside in Riverview, Florida, and have two married children.

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